Digital Founders Camp

Entrepreneurship can be lonely at times. We're here to change that. We bring together young digital entrepreneurs to learn and grow through peer-to-peer experiences sharing. Just like summer camps we use remote locations and combine the learning program with unforgettable bonding experiences.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

- Benjamin Franklin

The concept

  •  Mission: Help founders learn & grow through peer-to-peer learning and bonding experiences
  • Format: 4-day events at great, remote locations
  • Group: 12-14 campers per event
  • Mindset: Strong focus to learn, grow and have fun.


The campers

The quality of the campers is the most important factor of every successful event. Therefore we hold the events on an invitation-only basis. New campers can only join through recommendations of former participants. 


Campers are founders with digitally-focused business models. They are in their early startup years, do 100k-3m in revenues and have teams of 5-50 people.


Each participant is willing to share intimate details of their business so that others can learn. The goal is to create a community of trusting relationships where everyone can openly share experiences.

The learning

 Campers are livelong learners. Every participant brings content to the group so that everyone contributes to the camp. Topics include:

  • Strategy & operations
  • Marketing & sales
  • HR & people
  • Finance & Fundraising
  • Business tools
  • Self-management & motivation
  • Health & mindfulness
  • Current topics.

The fun

 Why go to great locations with cool people without having fun? Every camp includes bonding social events, dinner parties and connecting with local entrepreneurs. Lifelong connections and friendships are created here.


Expect great dinner events, party nights and enough time to relax and exchange thoughts with likeminded founders.

"Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information."

- Albert Einstein

The next camps

All events are invitation-only. If you want to participates in one of the camps please fill out the application form and someone from the team will get back to you. Once the application is accepted it is valid for all camps.


Camp rules:

  • Absolute confidentiality
  • Only 1 participant per company
  • Everybody contributes - no consumers!
  • Laser-focus during sessions
  • Have fun :-)

May 4.-8. 2019

Mallorca 1 - Startup

Participants: Founders of startups with annual revenues over 100k€.


Camp size: 12-14 people


Language: German


Fee: 800€ + VAT


Fee includes housing (shared/dorm rooms), food/cook, activities. Fee does not include travel.

May 8.-12. 2019

Mallorca 2 - Startup

Participants: Founders of startups with annual revenues over 100k€.


Camp size: 12-14 people


Language: German


Fee: 800€ + VAT


Fee includes housing (shared/dorm rooms), food, activities. Fee does not include travel.

May 12.-15

Mallorca - Growth

Participants: Founders of companies with annual revenues over 5m€.


Camp size: 6-8 people


Language: German


Fee: 1.800€ + VAT


Fee includes housing (single room), food/cook, activities. Fee does not include travel.

Cancellation policy: Up to 2 weeks before event start 50% refund. Less than 2 weeks to event start no refund.


All camps are invitation-only. New campers can be invited by past participants and camp hosts. The best way to get into a camp is to have a past participant recommend you. The second best way is to apply online. Use the following form to apply for future camps.

"If you are not willing to learn, nobody can help you. If you are determined to learn, nobody can stop you."

- Anonymous